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A new story about my Star Wars OC Starla Winter

Set after "Winter Song: Mandokarla

. . . During Operation Knightfall, 19 BBY

Starla Winter huddled in a corner of the Jedi Archives. She had returned to Coruscant the day before, sleeping in her old room in the Jedi Temple that night. She spent the day cloistered in the ancient book room of the archives, trying to find a treasure she had hidden there years ago, in one of many secret passages in the shelves. 

Starla found the Sith holocron that she had stashed years ago, as night began to fall. Suddenly, horrible noises of violence and destruction disturbed Starla as nothing had before. Darth Vader had just led the 501st Legion through the Jedi Temple, killing everything in their path. She could feel Vader in the Force, the evil trying to possess her, as Anakin had years ago. He would kill her if he found her, but the evil within him consumed him and drove him to much larger tasks. 

She shivered, not from cold, but from the pure evil infiltrating the hallways and rooms of the Jedi Temple. She grasped the Sith holocron, and used its power to project a deceptive shield of defense around herself. She also used her Force powers to keep Vader from completely destroying the Jedi Archives - as a librarian, she could not let anyone destroy the knowledge therein. But, again, Vader had much bigger tasks at hand.

Starla had travelled alone to retrieve something that she should not care about, but she could not go on with her life without it. She felt the warmth of the holocron almost burning through her heavy Jedi robe, but she continued to move through the archives doors to the main hallway of the temple, towards her speeder.

Suddenly, a massive disturbance wave in the Force hit Starla hard and forced her to her knees. She couldn’t catch her breath for a moment, and when she got back on her feet and looked around, she was astonished. Bodies everywhere, strewn about the hallways. She stumbled over and around the debris, trying not to feel, trying not to look closely at her former brethren, all dead now. 

Starla’s wrist comlink started beeping. She pressed a button, and a voice yelled, “Starla?! Where are you? Damn it, let me know!” 

It was Andis Meyer, Starla’s lover and Mandalorian mercenary. She had left the comfort of his home on Mandalore to retrieve the holocron, and he was not pleased that she had left without notice.

She pressed a button on her comlink, “I’m in the Jedi Temple, Andis. The devastation is horrific. I’m stepping over Jedi, left and right. Vader is on his way out of the temple, after killing nearly everyone here. Where are you?”

“Right here, my love,” Andis said, standing right behind her, dressed as a 501st Legion trooper. Andis quickly took off his helmet, revealing his dark brown hair. He was also a master at invisibility cloaking; the noise and smoke also helped disguise his presence. “You scared the hell out of me, you know; but it didn’t take much to figure out where you were going.” Starla kissed him immediately, stroking his hair. 

Andis had just returned from Tar Morden to Coruscant and was attending a strategy conference, when he received the Order 66, which he followed through on. The conference hall turned into a battle scene as bloody as the Jedi Temple. He, his fellow Republic officers, and The Beskar Brigade (including ARC troopers and Krayt Squad), went up against the Jedi. Andis and the Brigade then went to the Jedi Temple to rescue Starla. Along the way, they traded their distinctive, personalized armor for the plain white armor of fallen 501 Legion soldiers.

Meanwhile, some of the Brigade soldiers shuffled behind them. The ARC troopers, including Captain Jones, were restless in their stolen clone armor. Starla looked at the group of men, confused at first, then she had to laugh. “Thanks to all of you.” 

Captain Jones took off his helmet, nodded to Starla and Andis, then laughed, “Damn, this suit stinks of mediocrity.” Everyone laughed, then coughed from the thickening smoke.

Sargeant Lee from The Krayt Squad turned to Andis, “General, we need to get out of here ASAP.” He then turned to Starla, and said, “Ma’am, we’re glad we found you.” Starla smiled at him, knowing Lee was a bit fond of her. Corporal Wesson checked his Deece noisily, indicating his frustration with the conversation. 

The smoke was getting even thicker, and everyone was ready to get out of the temple. Andis noticed the squad’s restlessness and said, “Alright, men, let’s get go.” Starla and the squad followed him to his ship The Golden Jian. 

Once the ship was on its way to Andis's larger ship The Black Scabbard, Starla put her arms around Andis, who was sitting in the pilot’s chair, and whispered in his ear, “You didn’t have to come save me, you know.” Andis grinned and replied, “No, but I wanted to,” then she kissed him with an intense passion. 


:bulletblack: A collaboration story with Sir-Saboteur, who owns OCs Andis Meyer, Captain Jones and The Beskar Brigade, and the ships.

:bulletblack: I own OC Starla Winter - bio:

:bulletblack: and The Krayt Squad:  

:bulletblack: Complete list of Starla Winter stories and related works: My Star Wars OC stories+related works [as of 2017]Updated 01/03/2017 - I'm just recalling how much fun I had writing this fanfiction series. 
Starla Winter is my Star Wars original character.
My full OC character profile:
Starla Winter as a Jedi - Winter Song saga:
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:bulletblue: Some amazing art of Starla by some very talented artists:

Starla Winter by Sir-Saboteur by Sir-Saboteur 

Starla by UnicatStudio by UnicatStudio

Commission: Starla by iara-art by iara-art

COMMISSON - Jewel-Firely by kradeelav by kradeelav

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Thank you, Sir. It's always a pleasure to collaborate with you. :blowkiss:
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